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Professionals are tired of health benefits that appear to exist only to look good on PR presentations.

They’re skeptical about using mental health services offered by their companies or insurance providers, as they fear that anything they say could be used against them and jeopardize their employment.

Even if burnout is a more common topic in the workplace nowadays, and companies provide meditation apps, information or training, many professionals feel that those actions are not genuine. They still don’t feel that they can trust their employer – you – with doubts or suggestions related to stress and burnout at their workplace, so, left to themselves, their performance drops, or they move to another company.

That’s why your employees may find this service attractive for many reasons.

It’s provided by an outsider instead of an employee of your company, and your employees can access it from their personal devices, so they won’t feel that there’s a chance of being recorded, and it does encourage openness, doesn’t it?

Also, the sessions are confidential, and the employees choose the most important areas to discuss and improve without having to report on them or draw the attention of their managers or HR to their perceived shortcomings.

They can start sorting out their problems or learning on their own, and an employer who trusts them to be open and discuss their issues without controlling them shows maturity and respect towards their teams—something that is quite rare.

They will also get:

  • Confidentiality they actually believe in, providing a sense of safety and the ability to open up.
  • Actionable strategies to help organize work, manage stress, and increase job satisfaction.
  • A feeling of being heard and in control of their own life, leading to improved performance and the achievement of work and personal goals.
  • A sense of responsibility for their development and direction without feeling controlled.
  • Coaching from a professional who knows their struggles – I worked in a few European countries in Big 4 companies in multicultural and remote environments, so now I specialize in burnout coaching.

For you, this coaching service provides:

  • Investment of your money effectively by offering your employees an actually helpful benefit instead of just spending it
  • Improved performance of your teams through helping them manage stress and reduce interpersonal conflicts faster
  • Quicker resolutions of issues by encouraging you employees to take ownership of their development, in a way they actually want to do that
  • Honest information about workplace stressors (if present), such as workload and internal conflicts, that you wouldn’t get through internal surveys (generalized information only – see below).

What’s NOT included in the service:

  •   gathering information about your employees (aka spying on them)
  •   providing assessments about their’ capabilities, weaknesses, plans, or goals


This coaching service is to provide genuine support for your employees. Therefore, it’s confidential, and no personal data or content information can be provided. Otherwise, the service won’t work or be used at all.

The only information provided will be the number of employees who attended or were interested in coaching and workplace stressors (if present) that are repeatedly mentioned by your employees (without details and names). For example, task division, overtime, or management style were repeatedly mentioned. That could help with creating potential improvements or training.

 -> If you seek a team coaching service that involves employee assessments or personalized feedback, this offer wasn’t created for that purpose.

Your employees will have access to a supportive environment to openly discuss their difficulties and find solutions to stress and burnout, as well as its prevention and recovery, including:

  • Addressing doubts they have about burnout and stress
  • Assessing if they’re approaching burnout.
  • Understanding the sources of workplace stress and developing strategies to resolve them.
  • Resolving issues related to task prioritization, assertiveness, workload organization, goal setting, and interpersonal conflicts.
  • Improving adaptability and resilience.
  • Learning how to prevent burnout in the future.
  • Adjusting to the workplace after a leave of absence or if their current role is the first one after a break.
  • and more.

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Employer safety-related FAQs

How do I know that you won't discuss confidential company matters during your sessions?

The rule about not discussing sensitive information is introduced at the beginning of a session with every new person and reminded during the conversation, if necessary.

Also, I offer strict confidentiality of our sessions, and nothing said during the sessions will be available to third parties.

Is there a guarantee that you won't encourage anyone to quit?

Coaching is not about telling clients what to do or “prescribing” solutions.

If you’re afraid that issues mentioned by your employees may result in them quitting, I invite you to have a conversation about ways to solve the problems that may be negatively influencing your employees’ work motivation.

Techincal FAQs

How do you ensure privacy of my employees?

I provide coaching in a location that ensures protection from being overheard or recorded by a bystander.

Can the coaching be set after working hours?

It can. In your contact message, please specify your timezone and the hours you’re the most interested in.

How will my employees schedule appointments?

Your employees will be provided with a link to a scheduling tool where they can book an appointment online. 

What is the price per package and number of hours available per week?

Please contact me for the current prices and availability.

Packages start from 5 hours per week.

How will my employees access the coaching sessions?

Coaching is conducted via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Employees will receive a link to a booking system where they can easily book a session. The time will immediately be blocked in the calendar so that double booking won’t be possible.

Implementation-related FAQs

Why won't you provide feedback about the employees who use the coaching?

Providing feedback would be a breach of confidentiality between my client (your employee—the person attending a session) and me. Without the trust that nothing will be repeated, the coaching sessions would be artificial and, as a result, ineffective, so I suggest running a satisfaction survey instead.

How should I introduce the service to my employees to encourage them to use the coaching?

I suggest starting by introducing the offer to your employees via email, which includes all the crucial information about the benefit and the rules for using it.

Also, I’d recommend following it with a webinar about burnout to break the ice.

How will I know if the coaching is working and employees are happy?

I encourage you to run a satisfaction survey periodically.

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